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Homelessness factfile

  • An estimated 380,000 people are classed as homeless in the UK

  • The breakdown of family relationships has been identified as the main cause of homelessness

  • In a survey of 50 families affected by youth homelessness, 72% of parents believed that extra help could have prevented family breakdown

  • Social and economic disadvantage plays a part in homelessness; people who become homeless are often from marginalised backgrounds

  • The people most likely to become homeless are: those with a troubled childhood, people who are experiencing family upheaval, those with parents who have mental health problems and people who suffer violence or abuse at home

  • The data on homelessness is limited and often misrepresents the true figures as it only includes those who have accessed an agency for help or support. Measures don’t include sofa surfers or those depending on their friends or family for floor space or a bed

  • According to government figures: in 2005/6 people aged 16 to 25 years made up 39% of the total homeless population

  • Every night of the year, the YMCA provides rooms and support for 7000 people


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